Offical Press Release
Megadrive: International Rock Festival
25th-26th August 2007
Megion, Russia

The biggest rock festival East of the Ural Mountains is happening for the second year running on the last weekend of August this year. Bringing together fans to create an incredible atmosphere in the city, it will surpass all other events of the summer.

What distinguishes Megadrive from all other festivals is that it is noncommercial, a 100% social project, its purpose is solely to develop the rock culture in Megion as a city, Yugra as a region and Russia as a whole.

Bands featuring this year are: ‘Mumiy Troll', ‘Agata Kristy', ‘Uma 2rman', ‘Tokyo', ‘Masha i Medvedi', 7b', ‘Konyets Filma', ‘Mara', ‘Ranyetki', ‘Tschiz and co.' and ‘Anomaliya'. Besides these performances there will be a whole host of smaller bands who have applied to perform alongside the leading acts. Application forms for the chance to play at Megadrive were available to hopeful groups from all ex-CIS countries and have been received from rock groups in Moscow, Kishinev, Belgorod, Kirov, Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhnevartovsk and even emigrants in other countries such as the United States. The organising committee has carefully selected the very best of these for their chance of a lifetime: playing at Megadrive next to the stars. To bring the many traveling rock groups from Moscow to Nizhnevartovsk special charter flights have been scheduled.

During the two days of performances more than 50 bands will be watched by an audience of up to 50 thousand people, in total there will be over 24 hours of live music....such an event cannot be missed!

Megadrive is the brain child of the Mayor of Megion, Alexander Kuzmin, and is named after the city where it will be held: Megion. The festival is an annual event and is held each year on the bank of lake Sogra, 3km from the city.

In an atmosphere echoing the spirit of Woodstock, spectators will neither pay, register, nor be restricted to certain areas, the only thing people will be asked to do is to come and enjoy the music! With this in mind the organisers have paid special attention to the safety aspects of both the bands performing and the audience attending.

For an account of last years festival, news of this years organising committee, details of how bands applied to perform and general information, please visit Press contact should be made by telephone on: 8(34663)3-17-88; 8(34663)3-58-71 or email: